"Return to the Land of your Fathers..."

This is a letter written to me from a great, but distant friend.  We have not had much communication, really since college, but recently she informed me that she was praying daily for my welfare and my journey:

  • "Jonathan, I wanted to tell you some of the things I've been praying for you.  First, I'm praying that as God has drawn you back to the land of your fathers, he will go with you and cause you to prosper in that land. (Gen. 31:3 and Deut. 30:5) I think that just as there can be ancestral curses on a land, there can also be ancestral blessings. I believe it is in the nature of redeeming grace to overturn the enemy's strongholds and cause them to become places of great blessing and peace. So, there is something to the idea of "the land of your fathers." I remember one time I was in an airplane flying over the Outer Hebrides and something in my soul was just stirred on a deep level even from that distance!
    I'm also praying that as you minister to the Lumbee Tribe, you will experience a sense of the Holy Spirit healing your soul. I know that when I can really intercede for someone in the spirit, something in my own soul is healed. I think that is in the nature of ministry. I'm not presuming to know what that will look like or feel like for you, but I think you will experience that.
    I'm also praying for a companion for you as you walk in this way that you might not feel lonely or alone.
    Finally, God has given you the ability to look into creation and read the signs and wonders that God has written there. I think you'll find yourself doing a lot of that as you seek to minister to these people. I love how God creates us with natural affinities for certain parts of his creation and then he speaks to us through those affinities.
    May the God of all peace grant you peace to know and serve him in full obedience and soundness of heart and mind."


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