New Beginnings                                                photo taken by Jonathan Walden 7/31/2014

Tonight I had to jump-start my car.  As I did the clock read 9:11.  Typically, I pause for direction from the Lord when I see that.. I asked Papa, what He wanted me to see.  He said "Jonathan, you are fretting."  As I realized He was right, and stepped out of the running automobile, I looked up to see this beautiful rainbow reminding me of His goodness.

The weather patterns have changed and the temperature this summer has actually felt like Fall.  Earlier in the year before Bob Jones death, I was worshipping on my guitar, and  the sounds of Heaven were audible and I became aware that Bob was peering at my character.  I then realized that I could hear Bob's voice.  He encouraged me: "Not to do anything that would hinder the Holy Spirit" and as I repeated what he said, he replied "good, you can hear me..It's not winter anymore, it's Fall, hehehe." I ask Bob if there was anything that I should know, to which he replied, "Ask the Holy Spirit!" So, I asked the Holy Spirit the same question and immediately heard, "Be sober minded." 

In 1997, when I lived near the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, I used to go to the edge of a trailhead and call out to the Lord in a loud voice and wait until I knew He was beside me. Then we would walk hand in hand up the mountain to where I would sit and pray and read the Word. One particular day I was praying for my future wife and asked the Lord to give me a clear message directly from His word, so that I would know when she was close at hand. I clearly heard Him say, Isaiah 44:3. I believe we are now in the time of Papa's outpouring, and this cool fall-like weather is significant. This has also been confirmed through many prophetic voices, like Doug Addison and Bobby Conners.
"For I will pour water on the thirsty land,
and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring 
and My blessing on your descendants." Isaiah 44:3

On May 22, 2014 I was shown a picture of what God was about to do in this season.  When I looked down at my guitar, the carcass of a dead moth was stuck under the strings of my guitar.  Instinctively I blew it away and Papa said:  "This is what I am doing to the old season, I am blowing it away."  

On another note, I also received a reimbursement check from a previous bank who had overcharged me non-sufficient fund fees in mid 2007-2008.  I believe this too is a sign of a divine reversal over loss of finances. Fourteen: (1+6+7=14) means:  Double measure of spiritual perfection; Passover; Deliverance and liberty.” (Excerpt From: Adam F. Thompson & Adrian Beale. “The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions.”)

It is my sincere hope that the music I am writing, and that you are hearing on this page will release things inside of you.  The songs are prophetic in nature and release things in people causing them to see who they were created to be.  As you listen, I believe the songs will set off a whole chain reaction of events or times in your life, and God will use these songs to transport you into new places of healing.

Jonathan Walden