An Open Heaven Over The First Nations People

Through much counsel and prayer, and the direction of the Holy Spirit, I have been released to go back to my home state.  After accomplishing everything that the Lord showed me to do in Robeson, Co., concerning Releasing the Sound of Heaven over the Lumbees and bringing healing to the Walden bloodline it is with great honor that I return home. 

 Many of you who have been reading this blog will note that I was offered a place to stay in a duplex by the man who owned the "blue building" that I saw in my vision.  Through the providence of God this never came to fruition, however I was able to sleep securely next to the blue building these many nights.  
Limited by resources and timely funding, I was only able to 'move' as the Holy Spirit provided and gave direction.  This uniquely allowed for my listening skills to be at their most operative level so that I was only going and doing at the appointed time.  To have released the Sound of Heaven in 3 locations, twice in each spot without realizing it, is a witness to me of its effectiveness!  It is my understanding that the Windows of Heaven are now open over Robeson County, and primed for the next move of the Holy Spirit on their land, which I believe will be soon!

In his book: "500 Years Of Bad Haircuts," Richard Leo Twiss writes:

It is my understanding that God sent me to my ancestral land, not only to heal the bloodline, but to change the atmosphere of this location in order for His Spirit to come in Power.  Y'shua Hamashiach has heard their cries for mercy, deliverance, love & acceptance and this marks the beginning of God healing this nation.  I am so excited to watch the unfolding of this great First Nation peoples.  I believe that this tribe will be influential in the next move of His Spirit, by bridging cultural gaps and healing relationships, as they are released to be who God called them to be -  Free in Yeshua the Messiah! 

Just received this letter from a Goins relative that I believe shows the need for God's Mercy and Grace:

The Goins are also in the same burial ground as the Waldens

"May this mighty outpouring of your Spirit, Lord, propel them into FREEDOM and may your Spirit fill their hearts to overflowing, so much so that they take that Freedom to the Nations!"  Amen

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this journey of Faith possible and to those who have been interceding on my behalf.  I am honored to know each and every one of you!

Caller Of The Eagles


  1. Come back through Greensboro before you return to Alabama.


  2. Jane Hamon from Christian International writes on January 2013 :

    "This will be a turn around year for My people. Breakthroughs, miracles, advancement, prosperity, opportunities, will all come into fruition as people shake off the difficulties and discouragement of the past years and arise in faith to see the promises of God come alive even in the midst of an adverse spiritual climate in the earth. I am turning that which has been sent against you for evil to begin to work for your good."

  3. Glad you are okay and have done all that you were to accomplish at this time. Be blessed and fearless!

  4. Hey Jonathan,
    I spent some time catching up here on your blog. You have stewarded the blessings of Heaven and released them into the land and the people of the land among the Lumbee. A well has been cleansed. Father thank you for the blood of Yeshuah whose bloodlines cancel on the sins of our ancestors and the rejection and shame that has come because of the sins of others. Thank you for reversing curses of humiliation and bring restoration to the princes of the Croatan/Lumbee heritage. In Jesus name.

  5. Paul Hughes, I cannot express how much this note from you blessed me! What an absolutely uplifting and affirming choice of words. Thank you


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