Healing The Bloodline

I just returned to Lumberton from High Point, where I went to recharge and meet Thom and one of my best friends Ryon who came up to visit.  Thanks to Michael & Cindy for your hospitality this weekend, and to Thom & Caroline for continuing to support me in the Spirit, even if it means "kicking me out of the nest" again.  A very special thank you to Collien for the three bags of groceries!  God really spoke to your heart when you purchased these items...I thought it strange that you bought me a full bottle of 'olive oil' until I remembered the prophecy of "pouring oil & water on the burial ground of my ancestors, and healing the bloodline."   

The next morning, I made the drive to the northwest side of the Fort Bragg Reservation, an hour and a half from Lumberton. 

It is said of my distant relative Eli Walden:

A Ranger happened to show up at the closed Ranger Station as I arrived, and was kind to show me a map of the Goins-Walden burial ground and send me in the right direction.  However, surrounded by tall, brittle grass, white sand and pine trees as far as the eye could see, I hiked all over the landscape for 4 hours to no avail.

I had decided to trust The Lord for this trip and drove there on less than half a tank of gas, knowing without a doubt that He was sending me and that He would provide.  Two hours into the hike I received a text that my friend Jean had blessed me with $200.  Selah
Tired and hungry after not finding the burial ground, I made my way back to the town of Southern Pines for food and rest.  After more research, I returned with GPS coordinates for the location.  As it turns out, I had passed it twice the day before.

Bottles of Oil & Water and the feather to anoint the air
Relieved that I had found the site, I asked The Lord what He would have me do.  In His ever so frequent still-small-voice, He gave me understanding to do a prayer walk around the gravesite 3 times, anointing the air with smoke from my pipe, and the ground with water and oil.  Interestingly, I could only pray in tongues, which blessed me to know that my flesh was not involved at all, but only His Mercy.  

Goins-Walden Indian burial site

Goins-Walden Indian burial site

Goins-Walden Indian burial site

I cannot express how much abundant Peace was there.  It is my belief that the bloodline has been healed and that the secrets and rejection that have rested on the Walden household have now been broken.  Thank you Y'shua Hamashiach for this great honor to re-dig the wells of our Ancestors, to bring Healing, Justice and Restoration to the Walden Family!  Aye, Amen



  1. What a beautiful journey. So happy that you were able to find the cemetery. Blessed travels Jonathan!

  2. It is with much Peace that your comment finds me Tracy. If it were not for you, I would have not found this place. I am very thankful!

  3. We are following your adventures in God and being blessed very much. You are spot-on with the open worship, pouring oil, water, etc. It is the seemingly foolish things that we do in obedience to His Voice that have much impact. God is HONORING you as you obey.
    When I prayer-walked along the Outer Banks coastline, all I could do was worship and pray in tongues. God knows!!
    Treasure these days. You will truly look back on them with great fondness in the future.


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