The Rejected Will Be Accepted


Picture of Papa, Memaw, Dad & Aunt Kathy c.1954

"20(13) will go down in history as the YEAR OF THE PRODIGAL as those that have suffered severe rejection are now accepted and reinstated by the Hand of the Lord.  It will not be an act of man even as it was not the act of man that reinstated the prodigal son to his position or Moses, David, or Jonah to their's.  The grace of God will prove itself sufficient in 20(13) as significant headlining reconciliation and restorations takes place.  Newspapers, talk shows and other major media events will become harbringers of God's intentions like no other time in 20(13) as the "uncomely parts" are bestowed more honor.  Those that have been disgraced, misunderstood and forgotten will be suddenly thrust back to the forefront as Joseph was from his pit and prison.  The stone covering many people's "lion's den" shall be rolled away by the power's-that-be revealing a greater destiny inside.  Those that have "fellowshiped in His suffering" shall undoubtedly now walk in resurrection power."   
Chad Taylor

(*) Emphasis on 20(13) is mine.. Chad Taylor, with Consuming Fire Ministries, originally prophesied this in 2008, however it may be happening now!


This year marks the 175th anniversary of the atrocity of the American Holocaust known as The Trail of Tears. A population of approximately 4,000 of about 16,000 Cherokees died on that trail. Hitler’s concentration camps were modeled after those used on the Cherokee, their black slaves and the Creek who were still on the land. Much has been done in repentance but only the Blood of Yeshua can pay in full. One group, the Brainerd Mission, stayed true to their covenant with the Cherokee, including going on the Trail with them. (Some of the missionaries “saw the handwriting on the wall and went ahead to start missions in Indian country.”) This year on Yom Kippur, the highest Holy Day of the year, YHWH has promised to return to Chattanooga to honor the covenant and bring deep healing to deep wounds. His Warrior Bride is hosting Deep Healing for Deep Wounds and inviting the Covenant Keepers to return to the land.

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