Words From Tribal Chairman

These are some of the words from Tribal Chairman, Paul Brooks, at the State Of The Tribe Address in 2012.  
"While our goal is to become a self-sufficient nation, we cannot become a self-absorbed people. We must remember that we are here to put the needs of others before our own; a shared sacrifice of the Office of Tribal Chairperson and the duty of each Tribal Council Member. We all must remember that our rights and power to govern do not originate from the positions we hold or even the United States, but from our citizens, whose rights are given by our Creator.

In the upcoming budget session, let us be visionaries, looking for new, innovative ways to expand tribal programs rather than sidestepping our responsibilities to the Lumbee people. It’s time for rebirth. If we are to attract new partners, we must remember the ways of our elders. We must be mindful that we are all related; that we are family, and if the Tribe is to move forward, we must move together, in the same direction."


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