Hiddenness & Manifestation

 Yesterday was a hard day.  I woke up discouraged, and didn't seem to have the energy to fight it off, even though I still tried.  I pressed through, and pressed through, then finally after asking Abba:  "What is going on?!", I saw myself playing unscripted Praise in the middle of the field next the Tribal Council building.  The rain that had set in heavy since the morning was gone and as I stood in the middle of purple flowers and strummed my guitar, I immediately began to hear the Sound of Heaven taking liberty with the notes.  As I sang praise to I AM and lead Heaven in worship, I saw in the Spirit: Angels descending on gold ladders around where I was standing.  I was singing "HEAL THEIR LAND, FATHER, HEAL THEIR LAND."  As I continued playing, I also saw thousands of dollar bills falling down all around me.

It's kind of funny to me, but this morning I also had a dream about money.  I dreamt that a man came up to my car, knocked on the window and opened up a briefcase full of money, and said:  "You have 60 seconds to get out and claim this money!"    BRING IT ON Y'SHUA!

Today I wanted to share some insight with you, that I learned in Graham Cooke's book called 'Prophetic Wisdom.' The topic of hiddenness and manifestation has come to my attention because, as I am flowing in the Spirit and listening at every turn for His guidance, it can sometimes become overwhelming when others seem to display that they are "feeling His presence".  I so long to have manifestations of His Glory, especially since I have been sent to 3 different locations to release the Sound of Heaven, twice in each spot!  To be completely relying of God for His direction and his provision, I believe that these words from Graham will be helpful for anyone who is seeking God's affirmation in their own journey:

"A key part of God's nature is the fact the He moves in two ways: hiddenness and manifestation.  When we come to terms with this truth, we are set free spiritually to ebb and flow with what God is doing.  There are times when God reveals Himself to us and times when He hides.  He has reasons for doing both..."  "One of my favorite promises in Scripture is found in Hebrews 13:5:  'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'  God is constantly with us, whether we realize it or not.  Sometimes he jumps out at us because He cannot wait to show Himself to us, and other times He hides, drawing us further into Him.

People in hiddenness are in a completely different life space than people in manifestation. When we pray for a person to whom God is manifesting Himself, they fall over, shake, laugh, cry, and experience physical sensations of God.  But hidden people stand there, receiving the same prayer, and don't even flinch.  They are like rocks.  In the early days of renewal, ministers thought there was something wrong with people who didn't visibly react to God's anointing.  Some where even considered demon-possessed!  And yet these people were as dedicated to God as anyone else - they were simply in hiddenness; God had a different lesson for them.

Amazingly, the people who were in hiddenness during the seasons of renewal in the 1990s have generally held on to more of the presence of God than those who were in wild manifestation.  They learned how to relate to God for themselves, even when nothing seemed to happen.  In short, they learned the true walk of faith.

We all have to learn to walk by faith, not by sight.  When God is manifested toward us, he is so in a tangible way.  We can feel Him.  We access Him emotionally.  We laugh, we cry, we feel His peace and joy in us.  His love overwhelms us, and we feel gratitude and praise as a tangible expression of our response to His Presence.  Rejoicing, thanksgiving, praise, worship, and adoration are all physical indications that our emotions are fully engaged in blessing the Lord.  God's manifest Presence is both physical and emotional.  It sets us free to experience God fully.

When God is teaching us to walk by faith, not by what we feel, He withdraws from our emotions.  He hides from our feelings.  Now, we get to take it on trust that He is with us.  Now, we learn to believe that 'God will never leave us or forsake us,' and we establish a pattern of simple faith that 'He is with us always.'  God has not left us -- just withdrawn from our feelings for the purpose of establishing trust and simple faith."
Excerpt taken from 'Prophetic Wisdom' page 9 and 10.

Photo taken in the field next to the Tribal Council Building in Pembroke, NC

Love you guys, have a blessed day!


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