"Waking Up Creation"

On what I call 'scripture runs' I am purposefully working out mind, body and Spirit by running through the woods for endurance and quoting scripture declarations over myself and the land. On one surprising run, Creator showed me blue light emanating from my feet, as if I were creating rings while running across water.  Creator said: "Jonathan, the earth is waking up; but it is not waking you up, You are waking it up. Release this light wherever you run." Can you imagine my joy as I continued to change the atmosphere of that place, running like a Warrior! Passing by these woods one day I heard clearly: "This is your Chatahoula." I knew that my sanctuary had been named and later found that Chatahoula means: 'beautiful, clear water.' 

Painting by Ramone Romero (Awakening To My Heritage) February 9th, 2014

A year later I moved to another location, in fact where as a child I had grown up playing in the nearby woods with large boulders. Since August of last year, there has been an enormous assault on the minds of Believers. These attacks of fear and doubt have been so overwhelming that some have lost hope, got confused and quit trying or abandoned moving forward through new doors that Y'shua has been opening. But there are exciting new stories, like this one where others have triumphed over doubt and pressed into all that God has:

In October 14, 2014 Doug Addison wrote: "At the level the enemy has come against you, you will want to push back at the same intensity."

 I came home tired and worn out that night, but knew in my spirit that I was going to overcome. I felt God say, "put on your regalia and dance in the midst of fear." I dressed for war. I arrived in the dark woods and made my way to the large boulders to make known where I stand. As I was putting an anointed feather in my hair, I opened my mouth singing declarations of 'who I am in Messiah' and the ground lit up with light that instant! I looked up quickly to see a ball of light trail through the sky over my head. I overcame my fear that night. The enemy lost. The next morning I read reports of a large meteor that broke off of a comet that streamed across the sky from Georgia to Alabama. According to 'The Divinity Code' by Adam Thompson & Adrian Beale, a Meteor = sign from God.

On February 9th 2015, I again was in the same woods at night on a 'scripture run' declaring and decreeing. I ran the equivalent of 91 flights of stairs! "You will not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness." Psalm 91:5  Standing in the strong wind upon a high rock, I began to give Abba Father praise for His incredible love for me and instantly a shooting star streamed over my head in the very direction of the meteor months ago. I was overjoyed and gave thanks to Him who is so involved in the details of our lives that He would again confirm: "You are waking up Creation."