"NOTE THIS: I will make those from the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews and are not, but are lying-- I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and they will know that I have loved you."  Revelation 3:9

I will go, send me - Releasing the Sound of Heaven over the Lumbee Indians

Originally posted Feb. 3, 2013

I have heard the call of the Holy Spirit concerning the Indigenous Peoples of the South, specifically Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee.  I am Caller Of The Eagles, born White, but am of Native American, Black and European descent.  I have discovered that my entire Father's line is Native American, African & Scottish from North Carolina, since the 1600's.  The Lord placed within me a huge heart for the Native Peoples since I was a boy.  Recently, the Lord showed me several visions, where I was worshipping and RELEASING THE SOUND OF HEAVEN over the Lumbee Indians in the most dilapidated parts of  Robeson Co., North Carolina. 


Since these waking visions, I have had Prophetic "Now Words" outlining what I was to do once I get to the Robeson Co., one of which I am to make Bologna sandwiches and hand them out to all in need.  I was just gifted a teepee, which will afford me to stay close by and be available to Minister as Yeshua leads.  The Sound Of Heaven is very important to me, as I have been called to release a NEW SOUND since 2007, which was also confirmed by Bob Jones in that same year!  It is now 2013 and the Prophecies concerning an Awakening among the Native Americans is about to explode in 20(13)!

The Lord has gifted me with a "Joseph Anointing", which has come at a very high cost of walking through the most across-the-board Rejection that I have EVER experienced.  However, my heart is singing and the Vision is plain!

It all started to become clear when I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me at Redigging the Wells conference on September 15th, 2012.  When I arrived, I asked Y'shua what I was to be doing?  As I looked up the grassy park filled with people, He said:  "Walk my presence among the people."  All I could do was weep as Jesus walked ten feet behind me as I wandered through the crowd.  His powerful presence was overwhelming.  

As I continued to minister I walked up to my Father, Ken and placed my hands on his shoulders and began to honor him as my father.  Moments later the Native Americans that opened the event stated: "Now we are going to perform a Father Blessing on all the Fathers!"  Amazing confirmation! Riveted to the song and dance that followed, I made my way to the center of the gathering.  There were 5 First Nations represented at this event and one of their goals was to bless the land.  One Native representative stated that they had waited 200 years to be honored in Alabama, which was once their very own territory.  

As I stood there witnessing honor being restored to the Native peoples, I was surprised by the honor that I was receiving.   Confused, I asked the Lord:  "Father, I am here to bestow honor on the Native Americans and the Blacks...why am I feeling honor!?"  It was at that moment that my vision expanded, as if 6-dimensionally and I heard the Holy Spirit speak:  "I have placed you in the middle of your tribe, look where you are." I then understood that the reality of my Native American Heritage was unlocked and by this unlocking, a destiny was about to unfold before my eyes!

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