An Unexpected Party

Well, I finally made it to Lumberton, North Carolina!  I drove into town with a half tank of gas and $50 left for groceries.  As I made a circuitous route around the city, I sang, observed and looked in the Spirit.  I truly cannot describe the emotion that coursed through my mind as I entered the place in which I am to minister.  After getting supplies and gas which depleted my cash, I headed for the Lumber River State Park, only to find out that it was not free to camp, as I had been told.  So what do you do?  I walked along the beautiful Lumber River and blessed the Lord, thanking Him that I had made it.

It wasn't long until I bumped into 4 other guys (Mike, Mark, Danny and Robert) camping alongside the river.  They quickly welcomed me into their site and asked what I was about.  After explaining my purpose in Lumberton, they asked me to join them for the evening, to play some tunes on the guitar and even offered to feed me some of their good cooking...btw, it totally beat the bologna sandwich I had made!

Then came the awaited Ranger visist...I humbly told them I could not pay for the campsite.  They questioned me about my visit, to which I replied with great joy my understanding of this journey of totally relying on the Lord to provide.  With a twinkle in their eyes, both of the Rangers allowed me to stay the night for free and are trusting me to return when I can to pay for the site.  I slept wonderfully under a night sky, filled with the brightest stars.  (BTW, I returned on March 20th with the $13.00 I owed the Rangers to pay for my nights stay.)


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