The New Sound

by the was actually raining, but the picture reveals the Glory that filled Aldridge Gardens 2014

In mid 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee I had an Angelic encounter.  It was a desperate time in my life and that night I decided to worship with no strings attached.  I said: "Lord, I don't want to sing about me, I don't want to ask you for anything, I just want to bless your name."  It was true abandon for Him.  Earlier I had invited Angels to come and sing with me, which was typical for me to do, because I often lead Heaven in worship as if I was truly there.  That night, as I worshiped I began to hear what sounded like a symphony of guitar harmonics coming right out of the sound hole of my guitar.  Heaven took liberty with the notes.  At one point I heard the Spirit say: "Tune your guitar" (which I did because a string had gone out of tune).  However I said,  "But Lord I don't want to miss this!?"  He told me I would not miss it, and when I began to play again the sound intensified and came back louder than before!  It was during that time that I realized that a group of Angels were outside my house.  I felt the back door open and all of a sudden I became aware of a strong presence in my house. It was so alarming I opened my eyes and saw 7'2" tall bald-headed man, in a black leather jacket and khaki pants standing in my kitchen.  He moved across the floor and stood behind me.  I thought I was going to literally die!  However, I kept playing, realizing that if I died it would be worshipping Y'shua :)  It wasn't long before I realized that I had sung, three time in a row, "Your finances have been refinanced."  I also heard a woman singing and repeated what I was singing, and the Holy Spirit said: "that is your wife singing!"  I had never heard these sounds before, but I knew without a doubt that they came from Heaven.

A miracle happened that very next morning.  My cell phone rang.. which is weird cause, there's no reception out here!  It was a friend on the other end inviting me to see Bob Jones.  After Bob's ministry time that evening, I followed him outside and said:  "Bob, the New Sound you spoke of that would come out of Nashville literally came out of the sound hole of my guitar at 2m this morning!  He then said:  "Keep pressing in, light is next."  I told Bob about the Angelic encounter and he and Bonnie confirmed that the Angel I met was the "Banker Angel" (the financial banker for Heaven), and that a lot of people had been seeing him recently.  

Btw, in this season we are in, these sounds are increasing and Heaven is audible on a regular basis.  Sometimes singing, sometimes music, but it has been accompanying me while I sing or play, kinda like a speaker playing sound was inside my guitar.  It is my understanding that as Heaven invades our worship to The King Of Kings, healings and miracles and signs and wonders will transpire as we worship and bring Heaven to Earth!

Keep pressing in my friend.
Bless you,
Caller Of The Eagles

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