First Nations of North America

First Nations of North America

"The greatest moments of Native History may lie ahead of us if a great spiritual renewal and awakening should take place. The Native American has been a sleeping giant. He is awakening. The original Americans could become the evangelists who will help win America for Christ! Remember these forgotten people!" - Dr. Billy Graham

Did you know?

- An estimated 5 million Native Americans lived in the continental United States when Columbus first arrived  here in 1492      
- By 1900 the Indian population had decreased to 237,000
- Today there are approximately 2 million Native American's remaining
- Less than 10 percent of Native American's claim to be born again Christians
- The suicide rate among Native American's is 5 times higher than any other ethnic group
- Native American's have the lowest income level in the United States
- 75% of Native American homes are effected by alcoholism
- Rates of sexual abuse are among the highest in Native American children.
- The number of Tribes in the US that have NOT been reached with the Gospel is 200 out of 515 Tribes
These horrifying statistics say more than I could ever say about the need for Native American Evangelism. Please pray for revival in Native America and for the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers. (Matthew 9:38)
We need to pray for ministries in the United States to begin to be aware of this great need AND potential and begin to connect with this sovereign nation..

**excerpt taken from Consuming Fire Ministries


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