Miraculous Provision

Thanks to Mom and Ricky for the gift of a vehicle, which is absolutely perfect!

Yi-ho-wa! (Jehovah!)     I made it to my first stop in Cherokee, North Carolina!!  
As much of you know, I have been totally relying on Yahweh-yireh for His provision for this move.  My job ended in mid December, and I have been preparing for the upcoming time of ministry to the Lumbee Indians.  Monday was the day I felt in my Spirit that I was to leave Alabama.  However, there were still no funds to cover the trip, so I continued to look to the Lord for His provision.  1. Thanks to a new friend, Chase Miller, whom I met at The Carpenter Bookshop (after hearing the story of my journey), who handed me $100 bill which provided eggs and bologna sandwiches a week before I received a phone call from:  2. Joseph Sturgeon on Thursday afternoon.  Joseph asked, "Hey, wanna make some money working for Ice Coffee Co. at the Home and Garden Show?"  3. At the Show, 12 hours before I was to leave, an unfamiliar man walked up to me and asked,  "What do you do?"  I replied with with the details about my vision for releasing the new sound; he asked several other questions dealing with support and provision, to which I replied, "I do not have any ministry supporting me and am completely trusting the Lord with Faith for this move."  He then held out his hand and placed in mine TWO folded $100 bills!  I was instantly to tears and hugged his neck.  Thank you Bill Gandy for listening to the Spirit.  I was able to make this drive today because you listened!  4.  My good friend Al Mathis, who owns Desoto Caverns, gifted me a teepee so that I would have a place to stay!  5. Also, my dear friends J & Heather asked what I was going to sleep on in the teepee...I told them I wanted a cow skin rug to make the inside more comfortable.  Moments later they pulled a bag from the closet containing a real cow skin rug and handed it to me!!  So, all that to say:  Bless you Lord for your provision and your commitment to this Warrior, who loves you very much.  And also, I wish to thank a very honorable man, my Father Ken, who has been patient and free with his food, and supportive as I walked out the arduous circumstances as the revelations about this journey unfolded.  I will always love you!

                                         Relaxing after a long drive, at a coffee shop in Cherokee, NC



  1. Very excited for you.. and a little jealous of the adventure you've just begun (especially since I'm laid up in bed recovering from tonsil surgery at the moment.. not much pain, just very swollen and annoying). This definitely suits you as a calling more than laboring for a record deal in Nashville ever did. You're not called to be a studio artist. Your calling is to tap into what the spirit is saying about the atmosphere of a place and to watch him pour it out as you jam along with him.. and it's so much better that way. Jonathan, it's real and it's alive the way studio music can never be. There is nothing better about music than that it will bring a real and living manifestation of heaven to change all that hear its sound. I miss those times with you.. sitting and listening and being changed while the atmosphere blooms with the Lord's song pouring out of such a good friend of mine. As you draw near to Him, and pour out his heart, the land will change my dear brother.. and my heart will be with you as you go.

    On another note.. I wish you would consider writing out your journey as a book. You love to journal and are so good at putting experiences down into words.. just a thought. Be careful of nothing and be clothed as the lilies.. just don't worship naked in front of your ancestors (unless you just want to).

  2. Thank you Andy for your 'spot on' words...you are the second one to prophesy this and I believe it with all of my heart. I will miss you guys dearly. Love to your family!

    ps~Haha, Don't worry...I'll wear a breech cloth ;) LOL


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