<<>> FREEDOM <<>>

"Casting your cares off of your shoulders requires only the visualization to see your burdens as railroad ties across your back. As you cast them off, wait until you hear them hit the ground. Sometimes I hear them with a thud! and sometimes they break like glass. But then, Y'shua hands me what looks like a bar of blue translucent light to put across my shoulders. The transfer is complete and now take off, away from what is holding you back, and Fly."  Jonathan Walden

"For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Mat. 11:30

Let me explain...The Lord gave me a very good visual tool for releasing burdens I would like to share with you.. He has me visualize the burden on my shoulders as if it were a huge railroad tie.. then I shrug it off my back and watch and hear it HIT THE GROUND (dun, dun, dun, dun, dun).. Then Y'shua hands me HIS YOKE, which is made of blue translucent light.. The moment I accept His burden, which is LIGHT, I begin to fly.. fly away from the earthly burdens, and He has shown me every time as I fly away that those burdens cannot harm me again; in fact, you increase in your anointing every time you release a burden

That being said, lately I have had a visualization of those earthly burdens as being HOLLOW ALUMINUM POLES. It is my belief that the attacks of the enemy now seem like they are overwhelming, but it is a facade. We have moved into another realm in Authority in the Spirit and these burdens, or attacks are really hollow attempts on the enemy's part to weigh us down. We can release these burdens in a moment and move towards freedom more quickly NOW! 


Here's the story of the picture above:  "I was riding my motorcycle and talkin' to Papa and asked what's next?.. His reply showed up immediately in front of me when He said: "You'r gonna be Free!" 
BAM! This vehicle was in front of me that instant!!   BIRMINGHAM get ready for Spiritual, Economical and Acceptance driven freedom!

Jonathan Walden

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