Wisdom in the Gardens

Wanted to share a story with you..Recently the Aldridge Garden's "Whispers From The Past<<>>A Native American Experience" was canceled for the second time in a row due to major storm fronts.  The Alabama Coushatta Tribe (from Texas) had been planned for a day full of dancing and crafts and laughter.  Everyone was saddened that we did not get to have our brothers and sisters dance on their own native soil.  But a wonderful story unfolded on that day...  

I was the 1800's Native style presenter, so everything was packed and I decided to go in full regalia to Aldridge Gardens and dance my prayers under the pavilion anyway.  While there I met 1 person.  He relayed that his parents were both part Choctaw and he thanked me for coming to greet him in the old way.  He then asked a very genuine question: "Where can I go to find wisdom?

 I was overjoyed to tell him that I knew the Creator of Wisdom and he asked me to pray for him to receive it.  So I danced my prayer.  Looking up, I noticed that his arms were outstretched and his head towards Heaven.  Even though the event got canceled, the most meaningful Blessing happened in the Gardens! <<>> Caller Of The Eagles

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