Timely Word

Just received a prophetic word from Andy Traywick and didn't want it to get lost in the 'comments section'...

"Your calling is to tap into what the Spirit is saying about the atmosphere of a place and to watch him pour it out as you jam along with him.. and it's so much better that way. Jonathan, it's real and it's alive the way studio music can never be. There is nothing better about music than that it will bring a real and living manifestation of Heaven to change all that hear its Sound. I miss those times with you, sitting and listening and being changed while the atmosphere blooms with the Lord's song pouring out of such a good friend of mine. As you draw near to Him, and pour out his heart, the land will change my dear brother...and my heart will be with you as you go. Be careful of nothing and be clothed as the lilies."

Andy, you're Spot On!

 I am here in Cherokee, NC with my good friends Jonathan & Rebecca.  This is a pic of Me and Jonathan worshipping...notice the Angel Orb!



  1. Wasn't really trying to be prophetic.. just something I've known about you for a long time, but then again thats the usual way god speaks through me anyway. Have a good time w Thom

  2. As a Seer, that is one of my gifting's to recognize the prophetic, and you my friend were spot on!
    Love you Bro


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